Our Mission

“A Dog For Every Job and a Job For Every Dog”


Whether it’s working the couch and cuddles after a run and play, working the dog sports arena, working on the well-being of humans as a therapy or assistance dog, or working stock; we aim to make sure every dogs’ needs will be met. At Dogs4Jobs we believe that there is a place and purpose out there for working dogs of all kinds, and strive to find a suitable home and life for each dog that comes through our doors. 


Dogs4Jobs Ltd. is a holistic working dog community service founded in November 2019, operating across Australia. Our primary purpose is rehoming working breed dogs from any source, where the dogs are in need of a second chance or a new purpose in life.
We strive to ensure each dog’s individual needs will be met once rehomed, and that we are matching a suitable dog to every home, family and jobs’ requirements. 

Further to our primary purpose, we also work with the wider working dog community to provide relief and assistance to owners and their dogs in times of need or natural disasters, as well as delivering support, training and educational programs to assist in bettering outcomes for working breed dogs and people in the community.  

Dogs4Jobs is an animal welfare charity, registered with the Australian Charities & Not For Profit Commission.



Our programs include:

Last Litter Program – Desexing parent/s from litters we take in, at our expense so they can stay with the owner and not have more unplanned joining’s. 

Disaster & Hardship Relief – Providing support for people to keep their dogs with them in times of natural disasters, or personal hardships. We believe the best outcome is for dogs to stay with their caring owners where possible, so if we can provide, dog food, treatments, vet care and assistance with vet bills to help dogs stay with their owners, we will.


Temporary Care – Providing options for the temporary care of dogs in situations such as hardship, temporary homelessness or unemployment, domestic violence etc; we offer a short term foster program to help people get back on their feet and then safely have their dogs returned to them.


Working Dog Connect – We have a vast network of vets, behaviorists, stock handlers and trainers around Australia, and if people are struggling with training or issues with their dogs, we will put them in touch with groups or professionals in their area who can provide proper hands on assistance with the challenges they are having.


Dogs4Smiles – We understand the significant impact dogs have on mental health and general wellbeing. We are regularly making school visits and community and mental health day appearances with our dogs to help spread the love.
We have a pilot school program in the works for assisting getting kids out of the classroom, and learning some important life skills and building their confidence bonding with and learning to train dogs, and are working towards expanding this.


To find out more, access assistance, or get involved with one of our programs, email contact@dogs4jobs.com.au