We understand sometimes life happens and you may be no longer able to keep your dog, it isn’t suitable or you are struggling for various reasons. If other avenues have been exhausted and you feel you need help, we are here to work through this with you, free of judgement.

Please complete the surrender enquiry below, or download and complete and sign the full surrender form, and email this to
We are a working breed specific group, so rehome working breeds and crosses eg kelpies, border collies, cattle dogs/heelers, koolies and maremmas etc.

Please note by completing the enquiry or form, you are not obligated to go through with surrendering, and we are not confirming we can definitely accommodate your dog. We will assess the dogs’ details, space available in care and suitability for rehoming, and respond to you as soon as possible via phone or email.
If we cannot assist with rehoming your dog, we will provide you with alternative options or places to seek advice and assistance.
We will endeavor to treat young puppies and pregnant dogs, or people in desperate or unsafe situations as a priority.