Dogs4Jobs is built on the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, or our Working Dog Warriors, as we call them.
We are always looking for more volunteer foster carers or temp care and transporters, and you can help from anywhere in Australia. The more foster spots we have, the more lives we can impact!

Please read the information below, to confirm you are up to the task of foster caring, before applying via the form. When the form is successfully submitted, a copy will be emailed to your email address as well.

To become a Working Dog Warrior, the most important thing you can bring to the team, is a positive, can-do and team focused attitude, of course combined with a passion for helping our beloved working breed dogs in need of a second chance.

– To foster a dog, you will need a secure yard or somewhere you can safely secure the dog when you aren’t home. Full time workers are fine, as long as the dog has a resident dog for company, or someone who can help break up their day, so the foster doesn’t become bored and lonely, and potentially destructive.
– We can provide everything you need and we cover all veterinary costs.
– We ask that you include the foster dog in your lives, and start on implementing boundaries, teaching basic manners and some training. Being working breeds, they will need exercise and mental stimulation. The majority of our dogs coming into care are dogs that have no major issues, other than having had little training or stimulation, or are in need of some confidence building and socialization with exposure to the outside world.
– You will need to take your dog to their vet appointment, as well as write a profile on your dog and take photos of your foster dog so that we can find them their own incredible forever home.
– Our wonderful team of Foster Buddies, Coordinators and Trainers, are always on hand to provide all the support, guidance and help you may need throughout your fostering journey.
– A foster dog may be in your care for anywhere from two weeks, to a couple of months.

Volunteers with the flexibility to do transport runs, in particular to and from rural areas to collect dogs and meet up with other volunteers or drop to their foster carer, are vital in getting dogs to safety and to foster homes. Temporary care for as little as one night or up to a week is another way you can help in-between the transport relay meeting up, if you are unable to commit to foster caring. We are happy to cover transport costs as needed.  

Currently we do not have a need for more admin or behind the scene volunteers, thank you.